Madam Satan gets a mysterious new ally in HELL ON EARTH!

Greendale’s baddest antihero Madam Satan is back for more infernal adventures today in the all-new Archie Horror one-shot HELL ON EARTH, and this time she’s brought her ongoing battle to our doorstep!

When we last checked in on the divine Madam S. in THE RETURN OF CHILLING ADVENTURES IN SORCERY, she was holed up in Baxter High and maybe almost kinda evading Lucifer’s demonic forces? Well, whatever gains she may have made then have gone up in smoke in this new chapter by series writer Eliot Rahal and artist Vincenzo Federici. The bad guys have followed her to the mortal plane, ransacked Greendale, and somehow taken out Sabrina in the process. It looks like saving the world is up to Madam Satan, and she’s not exactly known for her heroism!

A big secret in this issue is an unlikely new ally she will meet along the way, a key character whose appearance here will unite the different corners of the Archie Horror universe. You won’t want to miss it!

You can start reading with the preview below, and then grab your own copy of Archie Comics history right here!

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