Bingo Wilkin is back for another scary set!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Bingo Wilkin, a white male rock star in a business suit with slicked back hair, talks to his bosses off panel about how he doesn't like his job as a music manager. He asks them if there's a way for him to go back to being a musician, and the art reveals that one of his bosses is a demonic figure with horns, glowing red.

Rocker Bingo Wilkin has some netherworldly problems to solve in today’s Archie Horror one-shot, THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY: INITIATION!

Bingo Wilkin, an Archie Comics character, holds the next of a guitar with a sinister look on his face, while sketleton hands reach in from out of frame to touch the guitar and Bingo.When we last checked in with Archie Horror’s version of Bingo Wilkin, in last year’s sold-out hit one-shot THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY, he was at the peak of rock superstardom, but at what cost? He’d made a deal with some infernal businesspeople, and that never turns out well.

Bingo had seemingly turned the tables, but in today’s follow-up comic, THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY: INITIATION, we see he’s not exactly where he wants to be — he’s a music manager, signing up more souls for the bad guys, and he has an ache to get back on stage. With comics horror master Cullen Bunn writing, you know one thing for sure: you won’t know where this show is going until you get there! Artist Dan Schoening returns on art, as well, so this is one for every Archie Horror collector. You can start reading with the preview below, then get your own chart-topping copy right here!

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