New Archie Comics Releases for 7/17/24

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Archie tries to set out a beach blanket for Veronica but the wind picks up and carries him away like a parachute.

Trula Twyst makes her unforgettable horror debut and the Wicked Trinity returns to mess up everyone’s summer plans, all in this week’s new releases! Read on for a look at the Archie comics on-sale July 17, 2024:

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Heroes (and Villains) Await You

A series of Archie Comics superhero covers: The Fox #1, Bob Phantom #1, Darkling #1, The Jaguar #1, and Kardak the Mystic #1.

The Archie Universe is far more expansive and richer with lore than most casual fans are aware, and this extends beyond the well-known and beloved teenage characters. There are a whole host of superheroes, magical entities, fantasy, and sci-fi characters that date back to the company’s formation in the early…

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