Heroes (and Villains) Await You

A series of Archie Comics superhero covers: The Fox #1, Bob Phantom #1, Darkling #1, The Jaguar #1, and Kardak the Mystic #1.

The Archie Universe is far more expansive and richer with lore than most casual fans are aware, and this extends beyond the well-known and beloved teenage characters. There are a whole host of superheroes, magical entities, fantasy, and sci-fi characters that date back to the company’s formation in the early…

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New Archie Comics Coming in September 2024

Jughead wears an astronaut costume, Betty wears a devil costume, Archie wears his Pureheart the Powerful superhero costume, Veronica wears a witch costume, and Archie's dog Vegas stands on his hind legs wearing a super dog costume. Veronica takes a selfie of the group and the y all smile at the camera.

In September’s new releases, Danni Malloy swings into action in The Cursed Library, the Mother of all Witches makes her malevolent debut, Halloween kicks into gear, and much more! To pre-order, contact your local comic book shop using the Comic Shop Locator, or directly from the Archie Comics Shop.

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