Archie Comics says, Let’s just do Halloween right now!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Betty and Veronica are shopping at a crowded vintage store for their Halloween party. Betty says some jewelry might go well with their costumes. Veronica says they're nothing compared to the jewelry the shop owner is wearing, an older woman with gray hair wearing a scarf tied around her head. The woman says her jewelry has been in her family for generations. The shop is cluttered with life-sized monster manequins, costumes, masks, and props.

Good news — we’ve decided it’s never too early to celebrate Halloween, and to start, we’ve got a full-sized Halloween issue for all you springtime trick-or-treaters in this week’s ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #18: HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN!

Archie and the gang are dressed in Halloween costumes, dancing at a party.Archie is known as The Official Comic Book of Halloween for good reason — the Riverdale gang has been delighting comics fans with fun spooky stories for more than 80 years now. It’s part of the tradition, really! Pick your costume, stock up on candy, pull the skeletons and ghosts out of the attic to hang up outside, carve the jack-o-lanterns, and read as many festive, frightfully frivolous snack-sized Archie digests as you can.

ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #18 packs its full 180+ page count with Halloween hits from across the decades, making it the perfect way to start dreaming of moonlit spooky nights with leaves crunching underfoot to come; it’ll be here soon enough, but we can’t wait so we’re starting now. And you can start now with the full modern classic below, “Cursetume Party” by Francis Bonnet and The Kennedy Brothers. Once your caught up, grab your treat right here, and have a spooky weekend!

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