Bingo’s in trouble in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #323!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Bingo Wilkin's dog Rebel is missing and his bandmates say without Rebel, their concert can't go on. Betty, Veronica, and Jola Kitt decide to go search for him backstage at the venue, where a security guard kicks them out.

That Wilkin Boy is in distress and the show will NOT go on unless Betty and Veronica — with help from Jola Kitt — can swing into action. It all goes down in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #323!

Betty and Veronica smile at the viewer while wearing homemade flower crowns to celebrate Spring.Bingo, while famous and talented, is useless without his dog, Rebel. So when Rebel goes missing, everything falls to pieces, but B&V are on the case! The girls are in the band Rock Candi with drummer Jola, as you all know, and they’re opening for Bingo, which means they have a stake in this. This musical mystery is told by Francis Bonnett and Bill Galvan.

Then, mystery number two rocks Riverdale when Dr. Masters is kidnapped by a delicious-sounding villain named Dr. Sweets! The local law enforcement are ensorcelled by Sweets’ sweets, putting them out of commission, so that means B&V have to solve this one on their own, as well, but not before they take a trip to a bizarre candy land! Make sure you floss after reading thsi one by Tania del Rio and Bill Golliher.

And there’s more where that came from! The rest of the issue is stuffed with nearly 200 pages of comics from the Archie Archives, including the hard rocking Josie-starrer “Limo Rock” by George Gladir and Dan DeCarlo which you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, grab your own copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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