Jughead is back on the case in ARCHIE DIGEST #345!

A panel from an Archie Comics story featuring Jughead Jones in his Semi-Private Eye persona, talking to Ethel Muggs. She has convinced him to help her solve a case by promising to buy him burgers.

Christmas is cancelled! That is, unless Jughead Jones, Semi-Private Eye, has anything to say about it. The holiday mystery unspools in ARCHIE DIGEST #345!

Cover of ARCHIE DIGEST #345. Betty and Veronica stand outside in the snow at Christmas time. Vegas the dog has just tied them together with a string of Christmas lights.In a brand new story by BITE SIZED ARCHIE writer Ron Cacace and legendary Jughead artist Rex Lindsey, Ethel needs help sourcing a rumor that Santa Claus is skipping out on his duties this year, and Jughead is just the guy, as soon as he can find his trench coat. Ron brings some BITE SIZED mayhem to regular-sized Archie and it’s a lot of fun!

Then, in “S’no Problem” by Ian Flynn and Pat Kennedy, The Shield needs Archie’s help to stop a super villain at Christmas and . . . wait, did we say a superhero needs Archie’s help? Apparently an encyclopedic knowledge of comics trivia comes in handy sometimes!

Those two kick off a full collection of classic Archie fun, including some Christmas classics from the archives. You can read one of those below: “The Greatest Gift” by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Harry Lucey, and once you’re caught up, you can grab your stocking-stuffable copy here!


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