New Archie Comics Releases for 5/1/24

Panel from and Archie Comics story. Sabrina the Teenage Witch has shrunk herself with a magical spell and she dives into her pet fish tank to swim with the goldfish.

The United Girls against Jughead return — or do they? — in this week’s new releases! Read on for a look at the Archie comics on-sale May 1, 2024:

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Betty and Veronica lay on a field of daisies, wearing daisy-printed sundresses. The look up smiling at the viewer.


BRAND NEW STORY! Jaguar and Jughead are being held by a group of super-power squashing gangsters! Can Superteen and Powerteen rescue them without their powers?

Script: Francis Bonnet
Art: Rex Lindsey
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Rex Lindsey
Cover: Bill Golliher, Dan Parent, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 5/1
192-page, full color digest
$9.99 U.S.


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Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and Archie are at a winter ski lodge. Betty is holding skis while Veronica is empty handed, primping and modeling her new designer ski suit. Betty asks if she's going out skiing and she replies that she can't get her $1000 ski suit wet and icky. The boys look on excitedly.

Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead are bowling. Veronica has a shiny diamond bowling ball that's glittering so brightly she has to wear sunglasses. Betty looks angry and says it's against regulations. Archie and Jughead look at Veronica suspiciously. Archie is keeping score and Jughead is eating a hamburger.

Betty and Veronica are in Veronica's game room. Betty is dressed to go out, and Veronica is playing with a grabber claw machine full of credit cards. Betty asks if she's ready to go shopping and Veronica says yes, she just has to grab a few credit cards first.Veronica and Archie are shopping at the mall, and Betty is staffing the lost-and-found. Veronica looks angry, like they were just in a fight. She tells Archie to get lost. Betty looks excited and expectant with her hands clasped under her chin and says yes, she wants Archie to get lost, meaning he'll have to go with her to the lost-and-found.

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