Panels from an Archie Comics story. The superhero Jaguar is being held captive by three gangsters. Jughead approaches in the background with a takeout bag full of hamburgers. He says it will make a great late night snack on a night where nothing interesting is happening. The title of the story stylized at the bottom of the image reads: The Jaguar in United Gangsters Against Jughead and/or Jaguar.

Jughead and The Jaguar are the least likely action team-up of the year, but that’s what you’re about to read in this week’s WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #32!

Longtime Archie fans will surely remember the classic, epic clashes between Jughead and the United Girls Against Jughead! They were worried his aromantic ways would turn the rest of the boys off of dating, and they felt he had to be stopped. So, you can understand why he might be confused when stumbling across a door in a darkened alley emblazoned with the letters “U.G.A.J.”

Jughead swings into action but it’s not what he thinks; this is actually a meeting of the villain group known as United Gangsters Against Jaguar — common mistake! Well, now he and Jag are teaming up in a superheroic caper that could only be told by Francis Bonnet and Rex Lindsey.

You can preview that one below, along with the complete Sabrina yarn called, well, “Yarn Yarn,” by Archie legend Bob Bolling; just one small-but-mighty part of a 180-page chunk of classic Archie hijinks. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your own action-packed copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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