Cheryl Blossom


Likes: Archie, attention, getting what she wants

Dislikes: Betty, Veronica, “townies” from Riverdale

1st Appearance: Betty & Veronica #320, 1982

If there was ever a girl to rival Veronica’s money and attitude, it would be Cheryl Blossom. Ms. Blossom also comes from a wealthy background, and uses her privileged lifestyle and charms to pry Archie away from Betty and Veronica. She is not above using dirty tactics to attract the boys in Riverdale or any town for that matter! Cheryl lives in Pembrooke, an upper-class neighborhood that looks down on the “townies” of Riverdale High. This feud between the two towns further fuels the battles between Cheryl and Veronica. Each girl is constantly trying to outdo the other with material possessions. Once Archie enters the mix, you can bet things will get wild!

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