Midge Klump

Midge_BannerLikes: Writing, socializing, her boyfriend Moose

Dislikes: When Moose beats up other boys!

1st Appearance: Jughead #5, 1951

A lovely young lady and longtime friend of Betty & Veronica, Midge Klump has a history of being both beautiful and deadly. Midge’s kindness makes her approachable, but any boys that come near should prepare for pain! Her boyfriend Moose tends to hide around waiting for a guy to chat her up. His intense jealousy has led to many beatings for friends and complete strangers alike! Reggie is known for his attempts at stealing Midge away – and the black eyes he receives soon after! Midge can sometimes grow upset with Big Moose over his temper and her mean-streak can emerge when another girl flirts with Moose as well. Although they seem like polar opposites, the pair remain deeply devoted to each other.

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