Harper Lodge

Harper_BannerLikes: Fashion, writing, Reggie (believe it or not!)

Dislikes: Getting special treatment, narrow mindedness, when Veronica interferes with her love life!

1st Appearance: Archie #656, 2014

Veronica’s cousin Harper is a successful fashion designer, children’s book author and advice column writer. Caught in a car accident as a young girl, Harper’s legs were badly damaged. Through many surgeries and physical therapy, though, she’s regained some mobility, although she usually gets around in her awesome custom-designed wheelchair! Though she usually lives on the other side of the country, Harper paid Riverdale a visit just in time for one of Riverdale High’s famous dances, and (literally) bumped into Reggie! The two really hit it off, despite Reggie’s rotten reputation. Harper loves to help people with their problems, and writes an advice column called “Dear Jewel”. Anyone who can help Reggie make a change has got to be good!

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