Amber, Sapphire, and Jade headline a witchy new thriller!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Teen witches Jade, Sapphire, and Amber are cleaning up after a failed magical spell in school. Sapphire says they aren't powerful enough yet and Jade says Amber can't remember the words. Amber says no one cares about grammar as she whips up a green cloud of magic that whooshes through the empty classroom.

Bad witch Amber Nightstone and her pals Sapphire and Jade make their solo-starring debut in today’s THE WICKED TRINITY one-shot comic, and they’re bringing the magical mayhem!

Wicked Trinity Comic Cover AYou first met the Wicked Trinity in the pages of SABRINA ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR and last year’s SABRINA ANNUAL SPECTACULAR, well guess what? They’re back and badder than ever in a one-shot for older readers, and their magical prowess has earned them their very own comic away from Sabrina’s meddling. In the new story by Sam Maggs and Lisa Sterle, the trio has formed a coven at Greendale High but all is not well as they don’t see completely eye to eye. A magical maelstrom is brewing, and you’ve got a front row seat when you grab your own copy here, but sneak a peek at the issue below first!


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