All your new faves are here in ARCHIE MODERN CLASSICS!

New comics in the world renowned classic Archie style come out every week, and with ARCHIE MODERN CLASSICS: MANIA, we’ve got a whole year’s worth in one snappy volume!

Last year was a great one for classic-style Archie comics, including the introduction of Amber Nightstone, Stacy Banks, and Eliza Han, plus new stories starring old favorites like Cosmo the Merry Martian, Bingo Wilkin, Mad Doctor Doom, and many more. If you’ve missed any of the fun, now’s your chance to catch up!

ARCHIE MODERN CLASSICS: MANIA collects over 250 pages of the best new stories of 2022 in one sharp-looking keepsake volume to jazz up the bookshelves in your home Archie library. You can start reading now with Dan Parent’s hilarious “3 Goes Into 3” below, and then grab your own copy here. And of course, we’ll see you back here every week for more classic-style Archie!

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