Archie Comics welcomes two new characters!

Stacy Banks and Eliza Han development art by Dan Parent w/ color by Rosario “Tito” Peña

Eliza Han and Stacy Banks bring some delightful twists to the ensemble in their debut comic book appearances this summer!

Archie Comics is introducing two new characters to the core cast of iconic Riverdale teens who have delighted readers for 80 years. Fans of Archie’s ongoing digest and comic book series will meet teen business mogul Eliza Han and software tech genius Stacy Banks in two new one-shot specials hitting comic shops this summer.


Eliza Han — a bi-racial pansexual teen with a remarkable back story as the brains behind a major corporation — makes her first appearance in June’s ARCHIE & FRIENDS: SUMMER LOVIN’ one-shot. Eliza comes to Riverdale to hang out with her new love interest, Veronica’s cousin Harper. The only problem is that Reggie thought this would be his chance to rekindle his romance with Harper. The story is by writer Tee Franklin (Bingo Love) and artist Dan Parent and is the first to reveal that Harper Lodge is bisexual.

“The best Archie characters are the ones you can drop in and have them create a little fun chaos,” Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito said. “Eliza is another character that you can fall in love with very easily — and there’s a lot more to be revealed about the character besides her sexuality.”

Then, African American teen coding savant Stacy Banks shakes things up in July’s BETTY AND VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: SUMMER SURF PARTY one-shot! While Dilton Doiley has long been the established genius of Riverdale, Dilton’s mechanical knowledge will now be complemented by Stacy’s digital savvy. In the story by Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie Rotante and artist Dan Parent, Stacy invents an online word game that’s making waves — and distractions — all over town.

“STEM has become such an important field in today’s world — but it also can be incredibly fun,” Rotante said. “The possibilities of what you can do with it are nearly endless, and the doors it can open for students are invaluable. The chance to bring a STEM-focused student into the spotlight in the modern classic-style Archie titles is especially exciting!”

While Stacy and Eliza make brief introductory appearances, they are here to stay. As part of Archie’s ongoing commitment to expanding and diversifying its storytelling universe, the characters will have regular recurring roles in future issues of its many comic book and digest series.

Rotante added, “Any and all new characters are meant to become integrated into the regular cast of characters. Riverdale is forever expanding, and we’ll be taking extra care to make sure that none of these new kids get lost in the mix!”

ARCHIE & FRIENDS: SUMMER LOVIN’ #1 releases June 8 in comic shops nationwide, and will boast a cover by Bill Golliher and colorist Rosario “Tito” Peña. BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: SUMMER SURF PARTY #1 hits stores July 17 with a cover by Jeff Shultz and Peña.



BRAND NEW STORY BY TEE FRANKLIN & DAN PARENT: “Carnival Love!” It’s time for some fun (and maybe even romance) at the Riverdale summer carnival! Looking to rekindle their relationship, Reggie is excited when he finds out Veronica’s cousin, Harper Lodge, will be visiting a traveling carnival that arrived in Riverdale! Plus, a collection of fun-in-the-sun stories perfect for a beach read!

Script: Tee Franklin
Art: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Golliher, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 6/8
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S.


A BRAND-NEW STORY kicks off this collection of fun-in-the-sun stories about pool parties, beach bashes and more, all hosted by Betty & Veronica! In “What’s the Word?” Veronica’s planning on throwing the BIGGEST pool party ever. She’s been working on it for months, and now the big day is almost here . . . but no one seems to be that interested. Everyone’s too consumed with beating each other’s streak on a brand-new app called “Wordeel.” Can Veronica get everyone into the spirit so her pool party can actually make a splash?

Script: Jamie L. Rotante
Art: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Golliher, Jeff Shultz, Rosario “Tito” Peña, Jack Morelli
On Sale Date: 7/13
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S.

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