Trick and Treat return today in ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR!

Those scary and sweet spirits of Halloween, Trick and Treat, are back in a spooky new tale in this week’s one-shot comic ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR, and they’ve brought friends!

Trick and Treat debuted in last year’s HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR, and they’ve been making Halloween mischief ever since! In this year’s new issue, Tom DeFalco and Steven Butler bring us a tale of (hilarious) terror where they trouble the gang with a bunch of ghouls in a haunted old estate. They might need some assistance from a magical friend! It’s a truly festive fright you can preview below.

That story kicks off a whole comic book’s worth of classic Halloween treats from the archives, including “Cemetery Situation” by Francis Bonnett and Rex Lindsey that you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, grab your copy here (or a few to hand out on Halloween!).


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