Things go from bad to worse at Pop’s!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Archie and Jughead find a mysterious glowing green/blue/pink plant and Archie says it's the perfect gift for Veronica. Jughead suggests frying it and eating it instead.

Things are not-so-great at Pop Tate’s famous Riverdale eatery in today’s new one-shot comic from Archie Horror, POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS: FRESH MEAT!

Cover of POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS: FRESH MEAT. An array of disgusting food on a diner food, like a milkshake with an eyeball on top, severed fingers in french fries, and lots of insects.

You may remember when we first learned that our trusty local diner proprietor had a sinister side in last year’s original POP’S CHOK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS comic. Today’s follow-up has three all-new stories by the same incredible creative team, and this time they’re going back to where it all began!

In the frame story, “Lord of the Fries,” written by Archie Horror Scream Queen Amy Chase with art by Master of the Macabre Federico Sabbatini, we learn that Pop once had a rival that ate up all his business, that is, until a mysterious monstrous stranger showed up and offered him all his hopes and dreams . . . for a price. (We know those situations never go well!) The fallout from this fateful and fatal moment continues in “Feed Me, Jughead” by Jordan Morris and Liana Kangas and “Free Market, Free Range” by Ryan Cady and Chris Panda.

You can preview all of those below, and then dish up your own copy here for your creepy collection. And tell ’em Pop sent you!

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