The sinister side of Pop Tate, revealed!

Riverdale’s dependable diner proprietor has happily served burgers and shakes for 80 years now, but little did we know there’s a secret dark side, revealed in today’s Archie Horror one-shot, POP’S CHOCKLIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS! 

In a trio of chilling new tales by some of the brightest talent in the darker side of comics, we learn a lot more about good old Pop Tate than we ever thought was possible! Not only is he serving up some questionable meats, he’s serving some equally questionable clientele, at least when you show up very late at night.

You can sample a few of the horrors that await you in the wee hours at the Chock’lit Shoppe below, from stories by writers Amy Chase, Jordan Morris and Ryan Cady with art by Federico Sabbatini, Liana Kangas, and Chris Panda. You can grab your own collectible copy here, and be careful when picking up your to-go burgers tonight!

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