The gang goes back to Year One in ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #15!

Going back to school is so much easier with a full-sized celebration of freshman year at Riverdale High, and that’s exactly what you’ve got in this week’s new issue of ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST!

Do you remember Freshman Year? No, not your freshman year! We’re talking about the historic Archie storyline written by Batton Lash with art by Bill Galvan that had everyone talking back in 2008. The five-part epic imagined what the Riverdale gang’s actual first year of high school might have been like, including first meetings, first crushes, and first encounters with the hapless Riverdale High staff. It’s a joy to read, and the entire story is reprinted in ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #15.

And that’s not all! Rounding out the nearly 200-page package are classic stories from throughout Archie Comics history of freshmen and fresh starts, one of which you can read in full below: “The Freshmen’s Guide to Riverdale High” by Dan Parent. You can grab your copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

“Freshman Year” Chapter Headers

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