A spooky first look at TOYBOX OF TERROR!

Next month’s new Archie Horror one-shot FEAR THE FUNHOUSE: TOYBOX OF TERROR is a delightfully wicked dip into the lighter side of spooks and scares, with three kid-sized tales of terror tailor made for little Archie fans — and “Little Archie” fans, as a matter of fact!

This all-new fright-fest centers around classic Little Archie character Evelyn Evernever, who longtime readers know has a bit of a temper and a kind of unsettling favorite doll. That doll — and toys just like it — run amok in Riverdale in stories written by Timmy Heague, Danielle Paige, and Michael Northrop, with art by Ryan Caskey, Tango, and Ryan Jampole. And speaking of art, we have a spooktacular treat for you today: an early sneak peek at black and white, unlettered art from each terrifying tale of the toybox. Peep those below (if you dare!). You can reserve your copy at your local comic shop this weekend here!


TOYBOX OF TERROR main cover by Ryan Caskey and variant by Sweeney Boo.

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