The enigmatic BOB PHANTOM returns in an all-new one-shot!

The streets of New York City are safe now that the caped crimefighter Bob Phantom is back . . . or are they? The mystery deepens in BOB PHANTOM, an all-new one-shot out today!

Longtime Archie fans may recognize Bob as Archie’s very first superhero, but we promise this new take is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. From the mind of writer James III and artists Richard Ortiz and Juan Bobillo, this modern version of Bob, a.k.a. struggling journalist Walt Whitney, patrols the streets looking for news and daydreaming of a secret adventurous life. What’s real and what’s imaginary, and is Bob friend or foe? Only one way to find out! You can grab your collectible copy here, and start reading with the sneak peek below!

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