The Boy Buddies battle a bot in WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #27!

The Boy Buddies are back in this week’s new issue of WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST, and this time they’re facing off against a doll run amok, the sinister M1N3RVA!

In that new lead story by Ron Robbins and Steven Butler, the super-duo teams up with the Little Archie gang for what was supposed to be a nice day out until Dilton starts messing around with Evelyn Evernever’s beloved Minerva doll. Let’s just say his tech upgrades should have stayed in beta!

Then, in “No Time for Justice” by Ian Flynn and Bill Golliher, Mr Justice is back after last week’s adventure to pick yet another new sidekick. This time, he’s got one with a bit more super-experience: Betty Cooper, a.k.a. SuperTeen.

You can preview those below, along with the full first appearance of Stacy Banks, “What’s the Word?” by Jamie Rotante and Dan Parent. And have a comics-filled weekend!

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