Suit up for Archie’s Super Mecha Teens!

We’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for the debut of Archie’s Super Mecha Teens, and the wait is over today, when the one-shot ARCHIE & FRIENDS: ALL ACTION hits store shelves!

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith (known to Archie fans as the comedic genius behind the historic ARCHIE MEETS RIVERDALE) and artist Ryan Jampole (famous for introducing Trick and Treat in last year’s ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR) have teamed up for a blockbuster story of mechs and monsters. But it’s also got an all-Archie heart, as our hapless hero struggles to decide which suit he’ll bond with before heading out to battle.

Daniel said, “Anyone who reads this will hopefully see how much world-building we put into it, and all the possibilities of hurling the Archie cast into these genre conventions. It’s crazy how perfectly these characters click into this kind of story, but as always, that malleability is the magic of Archie comics. What’s left to say? Get in the robot, Archie!”

Ryan added, “It’s the comic I’ve been preparing to draw since I could pick up a pen—it helps that the script is fantastic, too. It really is one of my favorite stories I got to work on! If you love Archie—which you should!—and you love giant robots—which you should!—then you’ll love this story!”

And as if that weren’t enough, it’s just the start of a truly action-packed comic collecting two more nail-biter stories from the Archie Archives. You can preview “Super Mecha Teens” below, and then grab your soon-to-be-collectible copy here!

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