Stranger things are STILL afoot in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #137!

Reggie and Jughead are at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Reggie offers Jug a burder but then turns into a devil with giant wings and horns and hands it to his dog, Vader, instead. He laughs at Jughead.

Jughead is having a terrible — and hungry! — night at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe in this week’s WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #137! 

Archie and Jughead snowboard down a hill. Jughead has theit two dogs, Vegas and Hotdog, on leashes.After last week’s monstrous misadventure in Riverdale’s world-famous diner, the spectral goings-on are still going on! In “With Great Hunger” by Tom DeFalco and Steven Butler, Jughead tries to escape the romance of Valentine’s Day by drowning his sorrows in milkshakes and burgers, but Pop’s is overrun by evil doppelgangers of everyone he knows. And worst of all, none of them will give him a snack!

Then, Young Dr. Masters is back in “Dream Date” by Dan Parent. Rumor on the street is he’s dating a mystery celebrity, but your guess is as good as anyone else’s in Riverdale. (HINT: nobody’s guesses are that good!)

And that’s just the start of nearly 200 pages of classic Archie comics, including the not-so-spooky Pop’s tale “Air Flair” by Jughead masters Craig Boldman and Rex Lindsey, which you can read in full below. Then, make sure to have a comics-filled weekend!

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