Only one can save the future in ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD!

An explosive new one-shot follows the post-apocalyptic adventures of super-powered Archie Andrews, and you can start reading here! 

In ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD, Archie and the gang roam a destroyed future world where water is scarce and only the strong survive — good thing our main man has the strength, the smarts, and most importantly, the friendship to take on all challengers! The new adventure is unlike anything we’ve ever published and the spectacle is brought to life by writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Jed Dougherty, who last teamed up on the “Jughead the Burgarian” story in THE BEST ARCHIE COMIC EVER last year. The first few blockbuster pages await you below, and you can grab your own soon-to-be collectible copy here!

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