Meet the Spirits of Valentine’s Day in ARCHIE’S VALENTINE’S SPECTACULAR!

Betty and Flowers, a yellow daisy who is one of the Spirits of Valentine's Day, chat on Betty's bed about what to get Archie for the holiday. Another spirit, Candies, a mischeivous white hard candy, peeks at them from behind the bed.

The Spirits of Valentine’s Day make their magical debut today in ARCHIE’S VALENTINE’S SPECTACULAR

Archie gets kissed by Betty and Veronica on each cheek while the Spirits of Valentine's Day float around them. The spirits are Hearts, a heart with angel wings, Flowers, a smiling yellow Daisy in a dress, and Candies, a hard white candy with a mischeivous grin on his face.Following in the tradition of Trick and Treat, the Spirits of Halloween, we hope you’re ready for Hearts, Flowers, and Candies! These magical imps seem super cute at first, but they have agendas; each one represents a different part of the holiday and they’re not very cooperative about it. So, when they get to meddling with Valentine’s Day plans in Riverdale, you know chaos is coming! It all goes down in “Paths to the Heart” by Ian Flynn and Holly G!

That soon-to-be classic kicks off a swoon-worthy special issue packed with stories of love from throughout Archie Comics history, including the memorable “3 Goes Into 3” by Dan Parent, which you can read in full below. Get your special someone a copy here, and Happy Valentine’s Day from your pals and gals in Riverdale!




Development art for the characters Flowers, Hearts, and Candies, the Spirits of Valentine's Day.

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