Mad Dr. Doom returns in ARCHIE DIGEST #342!

The Boy Buddies return for another round with Mad Dr. Doom in this week’s new issue of ARCHIE DIGEST, and they’ll need some help from Little Archie and pals!

In “Carnival Daze” by Dan Parent, Little Archie calls on the super-duo for help with another potentially ruined summer day after last week’s mishap. This time, everyone in town seems to be hypnotized by their cell phones. Relatable! And where a plot like that goes, the mad doctor can’t be too far behind.

Then, in “Movie Mishap” by Francis Bonnet and Rex Lindsey, detective Fu Chang is back in a blockbuster new adventure. Steven Squealberg is directing a movie at Lodge Mansion, but it seems some real bad guys have infiltrated craft services!

You can preview those below, along with the complete Little Archie classic, “A Gliding Tour” by Archie Legend Bob Bolling. Then, grab your own personal copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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