Jinx and Danni take on the forces of evil in JINX: A CURSED LIFE!

Jinx Holliday and best pal Danni Malloy are back in action today in JINX: A CURSED LIFE, and they have a crucial life-or-death mission!

In the brand new Archie Horror one-shot, the demonic duo is back from their Free Comic Book Day exploits in a full-length adventure to the dark side as Archie enlists their help. Jughead may be possessed by evil forces (he’s acting weird, even for Jug!) and Archie has heard the rumors of Jinx’s otherworldly powers fueled by a connection to the underworld.

The girls are pretty focused on their band practice, but Archie knows just which buttons to push, and soon this team is on the case. You can preview the story below, and grab your own soon-to-be-collectible copy here at the Archie Store or at a comic shop near you.

And there’s more Jinx to come! We’ll see her and Danni next in August with STRANGE SCIENCE, as Archie Horror’s new scream queens get roped into a bizarre time travel accident courtesy of one Dilton Doiley. Stay tuned here for more Jinx news as it develops!

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