Jake Chang tackles the Cricket Crook in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #317!

Detective Jake Chang catches a case — and B&V are here to help — in this week’s new issue of BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST. And there’s even more action inside!

When a criminal mastermind strikes Riverdale’s cricket club, the girls know Jake is the only one with the brains and brawn to find the culprit and restore the town’s beloved pastime. It all goes down in “Cricket Crook” by Tom DeFalco and Steven Butler!

Then, cowboy hero Nevada Jones is back after last week’s adventure in a bizarre story of artificial intelligence gone wrong that we just had to call “Weird Weird West”! Ian Flynn and Pat Kennedy rustle up this action-packed tale with something to say.

You can preview both of those below before grabbing your copy here — perfect for stowing in your back pocket this weekend. And scroll down for a special treat from the Archie Archives, as well: the complete slapstick classic “Contact” by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo!

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