Dilton messes up (twice) in ARCHIE DIGEST #343!

Dilton has a pretty bad day when he wreaks havoc in both new stories from this week’s issue of ARCHIE DIGEST!

First, in “Man vs. Machine” by Ian Flynn and Pat Kennedy, the cattle rustling action hero Nevada Jones enlists the gang for help on his apple orchard, but when Dilton tries to make things easier with an invention, well . . . he doesn’t!

Then, Shinji Patton, a.k.a. Ghost Fox, returns after last week’s adventure in “Time After Time” by Dan Parent. This time, Dilton is helping the mysterious masked crime fighter fight crime, but things go totally tubular when he accidentally sends Shinji back to 1985.

You can preview those below, along with more Western-style hijinks in the complete “Home on the Range” by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Harry Lucey. And once you’re caught up, you can rustle up your own copy here!

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