Have a date to remember in ARCHIE GIANT COMICS FRENZY!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Betty and Archie are on a date on a rainy night and they wind up at a seaside snack bar. They have a hot meal by the window and talk about how nice it is to have the place to themselves.

Betty and Archie have a romantic night out in this week’s ARCHIE GIANT COMICS FRENZY!

In the classic story “Wet and Wonderful,” Archie and Veronica get rained out, so she takes him on a tropical vacation. But down to earth Betty has other plans, and it involves soaking in the scenic bad weather. It’s a sweet scene related by Archie legends Frank Doyle and Stan Goldberg as only they could, and you can read the whole thing below!

And if that’s just what you need for this summery weekend, there’s much more where that came from! ARCHIE GIANT COMICS FRENZY is packed with nearly 500 pages of date nights (though most are not as successful as this one!) and you can grab yours here.

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