It’s an all-out wrestling rumble in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #140!

Panel from an Archie Comics story. A ringside announcer says Are you ready to rumble? to the audience and Veronica says I suppose. She looks bored. Betty is next to her cmiling.

Wrestling rocks Riverdale (and Moose knocks some heads) in this week’s WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #140!

When the boys start training for a charity wrestling event in town, they have no idea who they’ll be up against! Moose has put Archie and Jughead through the ringer to toughen them up for the big day, but it all goes sideways when the team known as Triple Threat crosses the ropes. Who are these masked menaces? You’ll find out in “Riverdale Rumble” by Dan Parent! You’ll find a sneak preview of that one below.

And that’s just the start of 180 pages of classic Archie hijinks! You can dive in with the poolside classic “Mortar Madness” by Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo below, and once you’ve dried off, grab your own copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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