Halloween is nigh in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #134!

Ginger Snapp and the gang revisit Halloweens-gone-by in a sweet and spooky new issue of WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST!

Ginger had a rough start to Halloween this year with some jump-scares in last week’s adventure, but things are looking up! She and the gang gather at Pop’s for a more easygoing night of reminiscing as the big day draws near, in a treat of a tale by Goldie Chan and Holly G!

Speaking of treats, we also get a brand new Penny Parker mystery in “The Gym-Dandy Mystery” by Bill Golliher, in which a local businessman goes missing and Penny has to uncover the misdeeds and hijinks (mostly hijinks).

You can preview both of those below, along with a complete classic adventure, “Dilton the Robo-Teen” by Rich Margopoulos and comics legend Gene Colan, before grabbing your own copy right here. And have a comics-filled weekend!

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