Grumpus turns Christmas topsy turvey in ARCHIE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!

A panel from an Archie Comics story. Grumpus looks on Christmas festivities in Riverdale, plotting an evil scheme.

Grumpus, Jangles, and Sourplum—the naughty spirits of Christmas—make their unwelcome debut in this year’s new issue of the annual tradition known as ARCHIE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!

The cover of ARCHIE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR. Archie and all of his friends ride in Santa's sleigh at Christmastime, with Jingles the Elf and Sugarplum the Fairy.If you’re a longtime Archie comics reader (and we know you are!) then you already love Jingles and Sugarplum, the Christmas brownies who have been delighting us with magical holiday fun for decades. Well, the ride couldn’t last forever! In today’s new one-shot, they each get a not-so-good counterpart determined to ruin Christmas. And in a surprise twist, they are led by Grumpus, the naughty version of Santa, who also makes his debut in this issue! It all goes down in “Christmas Chaos” by Tom DeFalco and Holly G!

(BTW, Grumpus rules the Topsy Turvey, a dark dimension which you’ll recall first appeared in another Tom-written classic back in September’s WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #133. Sharpen your pencils, Archie Scholars—there will be a test later!)

And that’s not all; there’s much more merriment from the Archie Archives in the rest of CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR, including another Jingles tale called “All Wrapped Up” by Dan Parent which you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your collectible, giftable copy here!


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