Archie’s lost in the Topsy Turvey in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #133!

Archie’s lost in the Upsid — er — we mean the Topsy Turvey, and only Detective Jake Chang can save him in this week’s new issue of WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST!

When Archie falls through a wall — as Archie does! — he’s lost in a bizarre alternate dimension. Jake Chang, back from last week’s adventure, is here to save the day along with Moose and Chuck, but is this Archie’s last clumsy stumble? Find out in the all-new story by Tom DeFalco and Steven Butler!

Then, the phenomenal She-Fox teams up with Archie’s SuperTeens to battle Metra, a decidedly retro supervillain! Will she get the upper hand, or will she succumb to the teens’ vicious roasting? Dan Parent tells this time-lost tale!

You can preview both of those below, along with a complete otherworldly Little Archie adventure by Archie Legend Bob Bolling. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your own copy here to make it a comics-filled weekend!

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