Evelyn Evernever gets her revenge in TOYBOX OF TERROR!

When little Evelyn’s feelings are hurt, the TOYBOX OF TERROR is unleashed upon Riverdale in today’s new installment of the FEAR THE FUNHOUSE series!

Last year’s one-shot was so much chilling fun that we just had to go back to the toybox this Halloween season, specifically the Toybox of Terror! Every story in the new anthology, on-sale today, stars a toy-gone-bad, spurred on by the rage of Evelyn Evernever, as detailed in the frame story “Love Evernever” by Timmy Heague and Ryan Caskey. 

Long-time Archie fans will recognize Evelyn from classic “Little Archie” stories, in which she gave Archie his first kiss and always carried an admittedly kinda-creepy doll with her everywhere she went. That famous toy sparks a series of events leading to “CH3RYL” by Danielle Paige and Tango and “The Gift That Keeps on Giving Killing” by Michael Northrop and Ryan Jampole.

It’s the latest moment of Archie’s Month of Mayhem, and you can preview each of those tales of toyetic terror below before grabbing your own collectible copy here!


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