Ethel gets another shot at love in BIG ETHEL ENERGY VOL. 3!

Ethel Muggs’s return to Riverdale has made for a heart-pounding read, and the drama continues in this week’s new graphic novel BIG ETHEL ENERGY VOL. 3!

If you’ve been following Ethel’s escapades as a young adult facing her old high school troubles, you know she’s had some highs and lows! In the third volume of the small-town saga by Keryl Brown Ahmed and Siobhan Keenan, her journalistic venture takes a few turns as she unearths some unexpected revelations about her favorite teacher, Ms. Grundy, which sets her on a whole new mission.

And Ethel’s love life has taken some turns, as well, since she left the big city! We all know her old hangup on Jughead Jones is the stuff of legend, and that gets some airing here while she takes a shot with Riverdale High football coach Moose Mason. There’s a lot going on, and she’ll need all that big energy to get a happily ever after or two!

You can preview the book below and grab your own copy right here (along with the first two installments). And remember that new episodes post every Tuesday on WEBTOON!


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