All the Crusaders are here in ARCHIE DIGEST #339!

We’ve got a super issue of ARCHIE DIGEST this week with two new stories, as the full power of the Mighty Crusaders brings down a dino-sized baddie!

Leading off this action-packed, pocket-sized fun fest is “Chain of Command,” a full Crusaders team-up by writer Ian Flynn and artist Steven Butler! Pureheart (a.k.a Archie Andrews) is here, as well, and he’s having trouble figuring out which Shield he should answer to. Relatable!

Next is a She-Fox solo caper by Ian and artist Holly G!, but she’s not completely by herself. Her son Shinji (a.k.a. Ghost Fox) is out with Kevin Keller (following their meet-cute in last month’s BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #312), and they will surely be roped into the shenanigans.

That’s the start of nearly 200 pages of classic Archie comics, and you can start reading now with one of those below: “Ghost Writer” by Angelo DeCesare and the great Stan Goldberg. Keep reading with your own copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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