Welcome to Riverdale, Daisy Thunder!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Daisy Thunder, a slender white girl with short pink hair wearing a blue jumpsuit with checkered racing stripes down the side, is standing in front of her custom hot rod race car. Jughead, Archie, and Reggie look on astonished, under a sign for the Riverdale Road Race. Daisy is holding a blue helmet with a daisy printed on the front.

There’s a new racer in Riverdale, and it turns out she’s not as new as we might have thought!

Archie, Reggie and Jughead lead a drag race in Archie's customized jalopy, with new character Daisy Thunder following a close second. She is a slim white woman with pink hair wearing a helmet and a blue jumpsuit. Cheryl and Jason Blossom follow in third place.In today’s fast and furious new one-shot comic, ARCHIE & FRIENDS: HOT ROD RACING, ace driver Daisy Thunder makes her first appearance, and the boys aren’t too happy about it. It’s race day in Riverdale and Archie is hoping to notch an easy victory with his customized jalopy, but when Daisy Thunder shows up he knows he’ll have to work for it. We’ve never seen this mysterious speedster before but Archie sure has, and their history may be fueling her need for speed. It all goes down in “The Race to Save Face” by Craig Boldman and Steven Butler.

And that’s just the start! The whole issue is a turbo-charged treat with a selection of fun racing stories from throughout Archie history, including “Winner Take All” by George Gladir and Bill Vigoda which you can read in full below. Once you reach the finish line, grab your collectible copy here, and buckle up!

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