Two magical teens meet in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #126!

The Mighty Crusaders’ magical hero meets Greendale’s magical teen in this week’s new issue of WORLD OF ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST, plus TWO more new stories! 

In the lead story by Bill Golliher, Jughead somehow convinces everyone to go for a frozen swim fundraiser at the beach. Then our superheroes swing into action with “Friendship is Magic!” by Ian Flynn and Steven Butler! A pesky interdimensional portal has opened up in Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s house, but luckily that’s exactly the kind of thing Darkling is best at! And finally, Pureheart the Powerful and Steel Sterling team up to stop the beautiful sorceress Suprema, who has been stealing jewels all throughout Riverdale, in a story by superhero legend Tom DeFalco and Bill Galvan. That’s a lot! You can start reading below with another snowy Bill Golliher classic, and then warm up by the fire with your own copy here.

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