The women of Riverdale fight to the end in BETTY: THE FINAL GIRL!

Betty’s in danger — and she’s not the only one! — in the new Archie Horror one-shot BETTY: THE FINAL GIRL, in stores today!

If you love horror (especially Archie Horror!) then you’re probably familiar with the “final girl” — she’s the hero of the horror movie who takes the fight to the bad guy and makes it to the end. And when you think about what makes the final girl who she is (determined, smart, resourceful, and tough) you realize, Riverdale is full of final girls! In BETTY: THE FINAL GIRL we get three all new stories starring Betty, Brigitte, and Melody in a terrifying winter treat set in a remote ski cabin with dark menaces aplenty, by writers Micol Ostow, Casey Gilly, and Sam Maggs, and artists Laura Braga, Natalie Nardozza, and Carola Borelli.

You can preview each one below, and once you’re caught up, get your own collectible copy here — just make sure you don’t go out in the woods alone at night!

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