The Shield movie starts shooting in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #138!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Joe Higgins, the secret identity of the superhero known as The Shield, is annoyed that they're filming a Shield movie in town without consulting him. He bumps into the actor playing The Shield, who doesn't recognize him.

They’re filming a new Shield movie in town and it seems that someone forgot to tell The Shield!

Cover of WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #138. Archie and the gang lounge around inside giant tulip blossoms.In this week’s WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #138, Joe Higgins, the famous patriotic superhero’s secret identity, is trying to go about his day when he stumbles onto the set — and stumbles into another guy in his costume! It just gets worse from there as Joe tries to get to the bottom of things without revealing his secret to the world, in “Picture Perfect” by Dan Parent.

And that’s not all! The new lead story kicks off a power-packed, pocket-sized digest full of fun from the Archie Archives, including “Robot Ruckus” by Bill Golliher, which you can read in full below. Grab your copy here once you’re caught up, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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