The mischievous Heartbreaker debuts in ARCHIE DIGEST #347!

Heartbreaker, the anti-Cupid, who looks like a little red devil in the traditional cartoon style with horns and a pitchfork, is summoned to the mortal plane by Sabrina, who looks shocked. He says he's there to ruin love. He flies over Moose and Midge, out on a date in the park, and says he'll start with them.

Sabrina conjures some bad magic by mistake and Big Moose makes a big show of affection for Midge, all in this week’s ARCHIE DIGEST #347!

Archie and Betty, in their superhero costumes as Pureheart and SuperTeen, respectively, float in the sky and kiss with hearts around their heads.Valentine’s Day is on its way, so that means the Riverdale gang might need some help in the love department with Sabrina’s magic . . . but not like this! When her spell goes wrong, she accidentally summons Heartbreaker, the anti-Cupid, who vows to ruin everyone’s relationships, and it looks like he just might succeed. Heartbreaker debuts in “Heartbreaker Havoc” by Francis Bonnet and Holly G!

Then, Big Moose double books himself (we thought that was Archie’s thing!) with a big football game on Valentine’s Day. Midge is super disappointed, but can the big lug pull off a winning play? You’ll have to read “Love is a Football Field” by Daniel Kibblesmith and Rex Lindsey to find out!

And those kick off nearly 200 pages of classic Archie fun, including the complete Little Archie Valentine, “The Heart of the Matter,” by Bob Bolling, which you can read in full below. You can grab your own collectible copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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