The Archie Encyclopedia has EVERYTHING you need to know!

Well . . . maybe not everything, but at least everything about Riverdale! The beautifully designed new gift book for Archie fans, comics experts, and doctors of Jugheadian Philosophy is out today and it’s packed with over 300 pages of fun facts, trivia, and tons of art from 80+ years of Archie Comics history.

The book kicks off with exhaustively complete chapters on all the major Archie Comics characters and their wild and varied interpretations over the years in different universes such as Archie Horror, Little Archie, SuperTeens, and more. Then, for all those Fangs Fogarty fans out there, we’ve got entries on supporting characters, little kids, witches, teachers, parents, pets, the works. You can start reading below, and grab your copy at the Archie Store here!


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