Spring is in the air! But does Jughead care?

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Archie, Betty, and Jughead have finished planting a garden with Archie's dad Fred in the background. Veronica shows up angry because Archie had said he was hanging out with Jughead but she caught them gardening instead.

Spring has sprung, both in real life and in Riverdale, and we’re celebrating the season with our resident curmudgeon Jughead Jones in this week’s ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST #23: JUGHEAD SPRING TIME BASH!

Cover of ARCHIE MILESTONES JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #23: JUGHEAD SPRING TIME BASH. Jughead and Archie pose smiling.The MILESTONES series, special themed digests packed with classic Archie fun, are perfect pocket-sized collectibles for true-blue Archie fans of all ages, and this week’s installment is no exception! The spring theme pops up in every story across its 180+ pages, all featuring Jughead who . . . well, let’s face it, would rather be snacking inside than doing spring chores. Relatable!

That doesn’t stop him and the rest of the gang from enjoying the breezy sunshine, as you can see for yourself in the classic tale “Spring Break” by Jughead maestros Craig Boldman and Rex Lindsey which you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, reward yourself for all that spring cleaning with your own copy!

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