Space is the place for Archie and the gang!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Archie is in a space school wearing an old-school style sci-fi uniform with boots and epaulets. Reggie is now an alien tentacle creature. Archie complains to his teacher, who is a sentient head of broccoli, about Reggie hitting him with his tentacle.

Everything is cooler in space . . . unless being in space annoys you! This is what Archie has to face—and more—in this week’s ARCHIE DIGEST #349!

Archie looks up at a cloud of images of Betty and Veronica, all floating above his head with hearts.

When Archie wakes up in a galactic space academy with a sentient head of broccoli for a teacher, he seems to be taking it in stride. (Weirder things have happened in Riverdale, after all.) But when he’s poked and prodded by a tentacled alien sporting Reggie’s head, it’s a bit too much! As all of Archie’s pals ‘n’ gals start to show up in equally weird get-ups, all we can do is turn the pages to see how Archie legend Dan Parent sorts out this interstellar mystery we could only call, “Spaced Out.”

And there’s much more to this pocket-sized comic packed with 180 pages of classic Archie fun, including the delightfully seasonal “Springing Ahead” by Kathleen Webb and Bob Bolling which you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, grab your own copy here; it’s perfect for whiling away a rainy weekend while dreaming of sunnier days ahead!



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