PoolNoodle makes a splash in ARCHIE & FRIENDS: BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES!

A new hero (sort of?) debuts in this week’s ARCHIE & FRIENDS: BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES one-shot special, and he’s brought friends!

The Riverdale gang pose as various characters from blockbuster films, except Archie who is wearing his normal clothes and holds a clapperboard that says: Archie Studio Blockbusters. Jughead is dressed like Rambo and is holding a huge submarine snadwich. Betty is dressed as The Bride from the movie Kill Bill, in a yellow jumpsuit and holding a sword. Kevin, Reggie, and Toni are dressed as Ghostbusters, while Trick and Treat the Halloween imps float behind them with scared looks on their faces. Betty is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, with pigtails and a blue dress, and she is holding her orange cat Caramel.In a new destined-to-be-classic story called “Blockbuster Blowout” by Ian Flynn and Steven Butler, the wise-cracking warrior known only as PoolNoodle shows up in Riverdale just in time to help superhero Pureheart the Powerful with a plan to jazz up the very story they’re in with guest appearances. The problem is, this guy loves to talk and it might take them the whole five pages to figure out the story! If you like laughing (and we assume you do if you’re here) then you’ll love this one! There’s a sneak peek at that one below.

And that’s just the start of the issue! BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES also reprints the Wizard of Oz homage “There’s No Place Like Riverdale” by Archie Legend Dan Parent. The whole issue is like a trip to the movies on a hot summer day, and you can grab yours here!


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