Penny Parker packs a punch in WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #25!

Pugilistic Penny Parker leaps out of the Archie Vault this week in WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #25, and there’s more!

Eagle-eyed true-blue Archie fans may recognize Penny from her brief run in the 1940s as a detective in the legendary action series Blue Ribbon Comics. Now, in a new story by Dan Parent and Bill Golliher, she’s a socialite who trains to fight crime and have fun at the same time. Fully immersed in Riverdale, she’ll be giving B&V (and the whole town!) a lot to talk about.

Next, we have the return of Ginger Snapp, who made her modern debut a couple weeks back, in “Ginger’s Ails” by Bill Golliher. She’s not sure who to take with her to the Spring Fling — seems like a standard Riverdale problem B&V can help with!

That kicks off a couple hundred pages of classic Archie comics, and you can start reading now with the complete story below by Mike Pellowski and Dan DeCarlo, and then grab your own copy right here. And have a comics-filled weekend!

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