New Archie Comics Releases for 3/27/24

Panel from and Archie Comics story. Betty and Veronica window shop outside and notice a sale on jeans.

B&V swing back to the groovy ’70s in this week’s new releases! Read on for a look at the Archie comics on-sale March 27, 2024:

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Cover of BETTY & VERONICA DECADES: THE 1970S. Betty and Veronica pose wearing 1970s fashion.


Jump back to the Bronze Age with America’s sweethearts, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, as the pair were both best friends and raging rivals in the Spectacular Seventies! Continue the 80+ year celebration of Archie Comics with this special retrospective collection! Betty & Veronica shined bright in the 1970s when their standalone title proved to be interesting, hilarious, and unforgettable—and their fashion was always top-notch! “Decades” features some of the iconic stories that cemented their lasting imprint on the world.

Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan DeCarlo, Rudy Lapick, Rosario “Tito” Peña
$11.99 US / $15.99 CAN
5 ¼ x 8”
224 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 3/27


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Betty, Veronica, and Nancy build a huge sandcastle on the beach. Veronica says it's realistic and Betty says it even has mortgage payments.

Betty and Veronica are wakeboarding at the beach, and Veronica struggles to stay on her board. Betty says she will flip for wakeboarding and Veronica says she might flip over first.

Jughead lays on the beach eating a chicken drumstick while Betty and Veronica look on angrily. He tells them he has good news: he just eliminated half the calories in their picnic basket.Veronica is sitting in her game room surrounded by fun things like a dart board, a jukebox, a computer, and a popcorn machine. She says she hates it when there's nothing to do, while Betty laughs in the background.

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