Jughead causes a chronological catastrophe in ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST #21!

Revisit the complete (and totally chaotic!) adventures of Jughead and the Time Police in this week’s new issue of ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST!

If you recall the hilarious, gorgeous, and time-muddling graphic novel JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE by Sina Grace and Derek Charm, you may also recall that it was based on a lost classic from the ’90s.

In that original romp by Rich Margopoulos and Rex Lindsey, we first met the science cops of the title and the instant fan-favorite character Marshall January McAndrews. These two unlikely allies have their hands full keeping the timestream from going off the rails, and you can read the entire saga today in MILESTONES #21, after sneaking a peek below, of course.

Stay away from those time machines, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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