Jellybean takes charge in ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST #24!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. Jellybean Jones is in trouble in the office of her summer camp. Her parents are there with worried looks on their faces and Jughead stands behind them looking surprised. Mom asks her where she got an idea like this, and she says Jughead sells cheap ice cream for lots of money and she wants to make money, too.

The hungry Jones siblings concoct a summertime scheme in this week’s ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST #24, a totally summer special we call JUGHEAD SUMMER SPLASH!

In the classic story “You Scream for Ice Cream” by Dan Parent and Pat & Tim Kennedy, Archie and Jughead get jobs at little sis Jellybean’s summer camp. Seems like a terrible idea, right? But wait, there’s more! Jughead can’t leave an opportunity to earn some extra dough unturned, so he concocts a scheme to buy ice cream cheap and sell it high to all the camp kids. Everything is going well until Jellybean tries to get in on the action! It’s a frosty sweet summer treat, and you can read the whole thing below.

And of course, that’s just the start of a whole 180-page issue of Jughead-starring summer capers from throughout Archie history, in the proud MILESTONES tradition of fun themed issues. It’s great for keeping in your back pocket this weekend, and you can grab yours here!

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